Monday, March 23, 2015

Go Into All The World: Seven Months In

It's been seven months since I published my first book, called "Go Into All The World." It is all about the work of Compassion and contains stories of many of the trips I have taken to visit my sponsored kids.

Being honest, sales have been slower than I had hoped for. People close to me have patted me on the back and congratulated me on the achievement without actually buying a book. However, having given the book to God from the outset I am learning patience and trusting that He will use it to impact lives, even if I don't see it.

Having said that, 2015 has been a year of incredible God-given opportunities to share about the work of Compassion, seeing kids sponsored and lives changed. I've had blog reviews, newspaper and magazine articles, radio and TV interviews and church visits.

Eight kids were sponsored at St Paul's Lutheran Church on June 14th!
At Wyndham Community Church. Four kids were sponsored from a church of 16 people!
Meeting Silas Mwangi, a former sponsored child from Kenya!

My updated Compassion family: 16 sponsored kids, plus five correspondent children (they have a financial sponsor; I just write)

To purchase the book:

Non-Australian friends:

Here are some blog reviews of "Go Into All The World"

Here is a link to recent interview with Sight Magazine, a Christian publication in Australia:

Here are a couple of other blogs in which I feature:

In February 2015 I was blessed to have interviews for both radio and TV in Australia, promoting my book and Compassion.

On February 21st I was flown up to Sydney by Wesley Mission and interviewed for their weekly TV program "Wesley Impact TV." It was aired on Sunday May 24th at 5.30am on Channel 9 (Australia), and here's the internet version:

Four days later I recorded an interview for Vision Radio and History Makers Radio and here is the link:

This is an article that appeared in the Portland Observer newspaper on Friday January 9th, 2015. Portland is a small town in southwest Victoria where I lived and worked for three years.

So far this year I have had speaking engagements at four churches and 20 kids have been sponsored!
* March 29th - Berwick Salvation Army
* April 26th - Bacchus Marsh Life Church
* May 3rd - Wyndham Vale Christian Centre
* June 14th - St Paul's Lutheran Church Box Hil

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